In 2030, we cure cancer. Harvie’s Regimen is administered to millions around the world. A small percentage of recipients develop Harvie’s Dementia, a side effect that leaves patients cancer-free, but mentally crippled, nearly unable to do anything for themselves. Seventeen million people in the United States are cured of their cancers without side effects. Three hundred thousand develop Harvie’s Dementia.

Two years later, the Praevelens arrive. Seemingly benign at first, the aliens soon become body-snatchers, taking over the minds and bodies of Harvie’s sufferers. As Harvie’s Dementia ravages a human mind, it leaves it susceptible to such a psychic hijacking. Almost instantly, the Praevalens have a formidable ground army without so much as landing a spacecraft on the surface of the Earth. And they use it, mounting a horrific and ever-escalating campaign of terror and destruction.

The war lasts decades, the resolve of the Praevalens proving hardier than that of their human opponents. By 2057, even though Harvie’s Dementia has been cured, the aliens themselves have joined the fray, and many major cities have fallen. Humankind is running out of hope.

What hope it has left is embodied in the work of Dr. Julius Tellus and his team, including biologist Liz McBurnie. Scientists have already learned how to do what the aliens do: “upload” the mental energy of a healthy human into the mind and body of a Harvie’s sufferer. For his part, Dr. Tellus perfects sending energy back in time. To save the human race, he will dispatch members of his team–in the form of their mental energy–back to the day the Praevalens first arrived on Earth, each of them to take over a Harvie’s patient. They will bring the cure for Harvie’s with them. They must convince the people of Earth twenty-five years in the past that the Praevalens mean them harm, and get the Harvie’s cure mass-produced and administered to hundreds of thousands worldwide as soon as possible.

They fail. Six different scientists go back in time but do not stop the Praevalens invasion. Beyond that, their fate is unknown and unknowable.

That makes Liz the human race’s last hope. As her world explodes around her, Liz careens back twenty-five years and into the mind and body of a young bride named Emylia Casillas. Liz must convince Emy’s husband Pal that she is from the future and that they must work together to save humankind.

Her mission will only get more difficult from there. If she is to avoid whatever fate overtook the previous six time-traveling scientists and stave off an alien invasion, she will have to use all of her foreknowledge, her wits, and strength she doesn’t know she has.

If anything, Pal’s task will be more difficult. He must help the woman who has taken his wife away from him save the world, all the while hoping that on the other side of their efforts waits a cured Emy.

But if Emy is cured, Liz goes away. And after working with Liz to give humankind hope against the aggression of the Praevalens, Pal isn’t sure he wants that.

Fight the Future is by the author of Girl on the Moon, with more than one hundred reviews on Amazon; its sequel, Girl on Mars; and a standalone science fiction novel, Pauper, all available from the Kindle Store.

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