The Mozilla Foundation released its inaugural Internet Health Report, VentureBeat reports.

Among the pressing issues identified with respect to ensuring an open, healthy internet is the dominance of tech giants, both in the west and in China, the report states.

Though tech giants in the U.S. and companies like Alibaba and Tencent in China have “helped billions realize the benefits of the internet,” the report calls for regulation of these players to mitigate monopolistic business practices that undermine “privacy, openness, and competition on the web.”

“They box out competitors, restricting innovation in the process,” the report reads. “As their capacity to make sense of massive amounts of data grows through advances in artificial intelligence and quantum computing, their powers are likely to advance into adjacent businesses through vertical integrations into hardware, software, infrastructure, automobiles, media, insurance, and more — unless we find a way to disrupt them or break them up.”

Governments should enforce anti-competitive behavior laws and rethink outdated antitrust models when implementing regulation of tech giants, the report states.

“Fake news” and lax Internet of Things (IoT) security were among other concerns noted in the report.

“Up to 30 billion devices will come online by 2020, including insecure webcams, baby monitors, and other devices that can be enslaved and collectively wielded as a weapon,” the report reads. “For every device with either no password or a bad one, the internet becomes a little more fragile and dangerous.”