The Motley Fool has the disturbing figures:

[W]hile you benefit from participating in a credit card rewards program, the perks you’ll get are nowhere near as valuable as the benefits that come from saving for retirement.

Despite this undeniable fact, more Americans are enrolled in at least one credit card rewards program than are enrolled in any kind of retirement plan. In fact, a recent survey from Value Penguin found that while 61% of U.S. households are enrolled in a credit card rewards program, just 58% of American households use any kind of retirement savings product.

The article details how you actually get a lot more “free” money investing in retirement than using your credit card. Someone in the twenty-two percent tax bracket who maxes out their annual investment in a Roth IRA will get a $1,210 tax deduction. Earning two percent cash back, you would have to spend $60,500 on a credit card to get the same reward.

But are the forty-four percent of U.S. households without a retirement plan listening?